Why Progress Tracker?

We began with an extensive study of how people perform their jobs and what success looks like in many contexts. After identifying key areas for improvement and key practices within those areas, we created Progress Tracker app to address the good work habits and responsive connections that help individuals function better on their own and within a team. Every feature in Progress Tracker is designed to support the daily practice of this valuable behavior.

Are You Building a Stronger Team?

Progress Tracker helps you and your colleagues brainstorm ideas on the fly, align your goals, calendar meetings and demos, share professional growth reading lists, and create informal reviews to see how you’re doing.

Are You Seeking a Job or Promotion?

Progress Tracker helps you practice and prepare for achieving your goals. With this app, you can set yourself challenges, track your daily tasks, rehearse your interviews, and much more.

The Power of Positive Habits

Organized, motivated professionals understand that attaining success is a series of small steps. Progress Tracker reinforces this mindset with challenges, rewards, and permission to have fun with your good habits. We encourage thoughtful strategizing, creative resource use, social collaboration, and self-assessment every step of the way.

Here are the habits that most great achievers seem to share

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Progress Tracker

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But First, the Details...

We get that learning a new app isn’t plug-and-play for everyone. Visit our FAQs for a deeper dive into how Progress Tracker works.
How it works

Good Work Habits + Daily Fun = Career Success!

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